Spriggs Drafting Service & Co.


Professional Home Remodeling in Jacksonville, FL

Spriggs Drafting is a home/building design firm in Jacksonville, FL. For over 30 years, our clients have reaped the benefits of our original and beautiful home remodels and designs. We’re not like other design firms that craft imitative, routine plans for your space. Our design consultation is fresh every time, and we allow our clients to give as much input as they desire. 

House Transformations With Remodels & Additions

Make your current house stand out with a complete home remodel or addition. We’ll exceed the vision of what you want your home to be, whether that means major add-ons or complementing what’s already in place. We pair stunning building designs with true functionality, so you’ll get the most out of your home. Our remodeling and conversion services include:

  • Attic Conversions
  • Barn Design & Construction
  • Energy-Efficient Additions
  • New Floor Plans
  • Guesthouse Design & Construction
  • Home Additions & Extensions
  • Gym Design & Construction

Why Choose Us?

Home Remodels & Additions

Custom Homes

Client Idea Recognition

Your Home, Your Vision

We consider the ideas that you generate for your project. After all, it is your project. During our building design process, our staff will be in constant communication with you to listen to suggestions, ideas, concerns, and more. We want to create the sustainable design plan of your dreams. 

New Homes, Custom Blueprints

Spriggs Drafting specializes in generating one-of-a-kind building designs. The homes we draft are unlike any other; they’re full of personality, utility, and modernity. You shouldn’t have to compromise on your home design, and we do everything we can to meet your exact specifications. The custom home services we provide include:

  • Custom Home Design Consultations
  • Energy-Efficient Homes
  • Custom Floor Plans
  • Sustainable Designs
  • Universal Designs
  • Construction Drawings

We provide services worldwide.

Construct Your Dream Home

Don’t settle when constructing your new home or addition. Instead, call Spriggs Drafting. We’ll work with you to create a building design that fits your dreams. Our 30 years of experience and numerous gratified clients can attest to the work we do. 

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